Get Your Car Ready for Summer!

Even though the official start of Summer isn't until June 21st, it seems like it's here just a little bit early.  Make sure you're ready quick with this handy checklist:

Inspect your:

  1. Coolant System
    • This includes a radiator pressure test, looking over hoses for cracks and bulges
  2.  Air Conditioning
    • One should look at belts, compressor, evaporator, and A/C thermostat
  3. Car Battery
    • The battery terminal should be cleaned and a quick inspection will tell you if you're battery is up for another summer or it's best to replace it

Check your:

  1. Tire Pressure
    • Did you know it changes with extreme temp changes and getting it right can increase your gas mileage?
  2. Engine Oil
    • Check the level and the consistency/texture of the oil to see if it should be changed
  3. Windshield Wipers
    • Winter weather can be tough on wiper blades.  Make sure they're up to the task of summer bugs!
  4. Air Filter
    • It's recommended that it be replaced every 12,000 miles.  Another good way to increase gas mileage!

Hopefully this quick guide will have you ready to enjoy what ever summer brings your way!