Increase the Value of Your Vehicle Today

Did you know that for most of us, a new car is our second largest purchase after a home?    So if you’re a Kardashian or famous celebrity you can stop reading now, this article won’t apply to you.  For the rest of us, read on.  Learn how you can make your investment more valuable. 

We’ve all been car shopping.  You make your way through the long stretch of car lots and dealerships until you find the ONE (or settle because your feet hurt and you’re tired).    Have you ever noticed that some used cars are advertised as “certified” pre-owned and will cost you more than a plain old regular used car?   The certified cars offer perks like multi-point inspections, limited warranties, vehicle history reports, maybe even roadside assistance.

These cars cost more because they offer the next owner some peace of mind that even though they’ve been well loved by someone else already, you’ll be able to take it home and depend on it as well.  A car that was well cared for is car that will run a long time, with few problems. 

Enough about used car shopping already!  The point of my story is you can turn your car into that sought after “certified” pre-owned car pretty easily.  Maintaining your car will boost its value when you’re ready to move on.  It will help you save money on things like gas and unexpected repairs while you own it too.   Are you ready for the secret of boosting the value of your car?     Here is the juicy part!

Wash it regularly, follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, and keep the records and receipts to show all of your auto TLC.  That’s it!   Easy right?     When you’re ready to change vehicles, for whatever reason, someone else will pay a premium for the care you put into it.     Cars that are properly maintained by receiving scheduled services and regular preventative maintenance are shown to last longer.   Now that people are holding onto cars for an average of 16 years, every little bit helps! 

Since keeping track of all your hard work is the real secret here, I’ve included a simple record form to get you started.  You can download it here.

Until next time….


Isabelle M.