Cool Tools and Tech to Help with Maintenance

I know most of what I write about, share, or talk about is how important it is to maintain your vehicle; it’s only because it is SO important!   Alas, this post is no different, but today I am sharing the wonderful technology available that will practically take care of your car for you.   Okay, maybe not quite, but there are some amazing apps and products out there to help you out.  For the record, there are a TON of apps, sites, and products out there, but I’m just highlighting a few. 


I love this site!   It provides a ton of useful information about maintenance, local events, mailed free resources, and you can even sign up to receive customized service reminders about YOUR vehicle.    I use this for my own car and it is great to get a quick email that just lets you know that you’re due for a 30,000 mile inspection or brakes, or whatever might be the case.

I recently discovered this website.  As the name implies, it is geared towards women.  You can sign up for recall information for your vehicle, received customized service reminders, find events for women, read reviews for auto repair shops, and they have a blog that covers lot of handy inspection, maintenance, and repair info.


RepairPal app (or

 I find the app a little handier than the website, only because I always have my phone with me.    This app is great help in getting a ball park figure of what any maintenance or repair might cost you in your area.   If you take your vehicle somewhere that you’re not familiar with, you can always double check the app to see the facility you’re at is in line with other local mechanics and you can see what typical interval-service maintenance includes.

aCar app

This is not an app I use frequently, but is very popular.  It comes in the limited free version or the $5.99 fully loaded.  Basically, it helps you track the cost of owning your vehicle.   You log in and provide the specifics of your vehicle and you can start tracking gas mileage, maintenance and repair costs, service records and get back useable stats on all that data. 


Zubie Key

I am planning on testing this one out, but haven’t yet.  It seems really cool though, so I have to share.  For $99 it does a number of things.  It tracks your driving habits (ever heard of the Progressive Snapshot device?), monitors your engine, battery, and fuel levels, and it can locate friends or family.   So in addition to giving you helpful feedback on your driving habits, tracking gas mileage, and giving you reminders about a check engine light, poor battery performance, helping you meet up with friends & fam, and making sure you don’t run out of gas you can also sign up to receive car related perks and discounts.

Automatic Plug-in

Similar to the Zubie Key, even in cost $99.95.  This device works the same it plugs into the little diagnostic port in your vehicle.  For the extra $0.95, Automatic also has a dedicated app to upload information from your device to a personal dashboard and a series of apps that also work with the device to make your life easier.  According to their website, by using the different apps you can tell your car to get to the right temp before you get in, have it contact your mechanic if a check engine light comes on, track its own mileage (business miles?), or track your business fleet.

Hopefully these tools will help make taking care of your vehicle a piece of cake! If you have anything to add to this list, please let us know.  We are always trying to find the best way to make maintenance easier!