A New Year’s Resolution for Your Vehicle

Every year, we celebrate another year that’s come to an end (and that we managed to survived, whew!) and we start with a new list of resolutions we are going to accomplish for the coming year.   Instead of resolving to go to the gym EVERYDAY this year or starting that ALL raw food diet, I’m proposing something slightly more doable…Set-up a routine for your car maintenance!   Once you get in the habit, it’s very easy and in the long run it will keep you safe while saving you time and money.  It’s a win-win, right?

I know it’s not on the New York Times’ Best Sellers List, but every vehicle comes with its own owner’s manual and this actually tells you what you need to do to maintain your car.  Some of them even have a schedule that you can track when you’ve had maintenance completed.  Preventative maintenance is normally quicker and cheaper than major repairs.  So when you think you can’t make time for that oil change, imagine this…

One freezing cold morning as your running late for work, you pile the kids in the car and clunk, clunk, ka-chunk!  What happened?  Now you’re scrambling to get the car towed to the auto repair shop, while finding a ride for the kids, and don’t forget to let your boss know you’ll be in late!   Most of the time a situation like this can be avoided with a little bit of preventative maintenance planning.  

I am a list person, but instead of giving you a long list of tools to help you make this resolution a success I will just say there are MANY ways to make this happen.  There are websites, apps, car devices, and paper planners devoted to nothing but car maintenance.  If you truly can’t stand to deal with this sort of thing yourself you do have a backup plan. Find yourself a great auto repair shop if you don’t already have one and ask them to help you!  You’re still responsible for making the time, but a repair shop that knows you and your vehicle will be able to get in touch to let you know it’s time to bring your car in for it routine maintenance and even fill in the maintenance log for you.  Easy, peasy.

Happy New Year and bring on the resolutions for 2016!